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The Contract for Gapa Island project with the small wind turbine
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[  10kw wind turbine ]                                                  [  3kw wind turbine ]

Date 2011-09-22

At 20th. Sep. of  2011, it was made a contract between Pusan Cast Iron Co., Ltd.

and Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute  for 6 units of the small wind turbines(3 unit of 10KW, 3 units

 of 3KW).

Gapa Island which located at the southern direction of  Jeju Island will be set up the "Microgrid with renewable energy".

 Small wind turbine can be supplied with clean energy for system.

 This is the first localized small wind turbine completely in Korea.

 And application for the Microgrid is also very inspiring and  monumental track record in the 10KW grade wind turbine.
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